Jericho is a consultancy and think tank, committed to the common good.

We are a community of experts, working together to deliver new programmes of communications, leadership and trust.

Our context is a 21st century defined by activism, networks and the negotiated future they demand. PR is not the answer.

We are driven by a desire for a more hopeful, open and tolerant world.

Jericho Chambers

Who we are

We created Jericho to help people and organisations navigate the complex, contradictory and creative space between business, politics, citizens and society.

We realised that the world was changing fast and that without open, generous and radical thinking, our optimism and hope would be defeated by cynicism and despair.

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Working principles


Strategies co-created with employees, customers and stakeholders deliver more successful outcomes, build resilience and reduce risk.

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Adaptive organisations have to engage with dissenting voices. Vulnerability to dissent builds greater trustworthiness.

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We have ended up measuring everything, except that which matters or makes life worthwhile. Rather than focus on measurement, we focus on accountability. To the many, not the few.

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Organisations can take an activist, leadership role that serves the common good. Actions - deeds not words - based on honesty and transparency.

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At heart, we believe that human value is more important than shareholder value.
Because no business can succeed if society fails.

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What we do

Jericho is an advisory firm and think tank. We create and deliver programmes to support the common good and a better world. We align the interests between business, politics, citizens and society.

We help organisations define their role understanding both common purpose and common good and then create the alliances and movements that make the desirable feasible. With KPMG, we have developed a programme nationally and now globally on Responsible Tax and with the CIPD on the Future of Work is Human. We are currently working in sectors ranging from travel and the digital economy to ethical banking, urban re-generation, the built environment and public interest.

Our publication Jericho Times is a forum to help new ideas flourish – and to translate ideas into action. You are welcome to contribute and can read our articles – past and present - or one of our books to understand what and how we think.

At Jericho, we believe in a progressive, open and adaptive future, that can only be negotiated, not imposed.

If you would like to work with us, please get in touch.

Christine Armstrong & Robert Phillips
January 2017

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Issue 6: 28th November 2016

What is to be done?

We live in extraordinary and uncomfortable times.

The tumultuous events of the past year are well documented and have been subject to so much commentary that we do not need to re-tread them here. But we do need to ask ourselves what happens next – what is to be done and how can we, together, be the change?

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