Jericho is a consultancy committed to a better society and the common good.

We help organisations and leaders navigate to meaningful change. We have developed both a Theory and Practice of Change, together with new models of "trust", leadership and communications. We collaborate as a network of experts.

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Jericho Chambers

We work collaboratively to tackle complex and controversial issues, for both clients and society.

You can choose to work with individual or multiple Jericho partners, depending on the nature and scale of the challenges faced.

We are currently working on major programmes covering: Responsible Tax; the Future of Work is Human; the Digital Economy; Transport; Housing and the Built Environment; Future of the Professions; and The Caring Society.

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What To Tax? A New Publication from the Responsible Tax project

on 25th October 2018

“We have an an analogue tax system in a digital age” What to Tax? is the latest in the series of publications, articles and roundtable discussions coming out of the ongoing global Responsible Tax project, convened and led by KPMG and curated by Jericho Chambers. The What to Tax? publication brings together a broad...

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Truth, Power, PR & Pirates

on 22nd October 2018

The Profit v Purpose debate still rages, writes Robert Phillips, and speaks volumes about the role of PR. The...

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The Third Actors

on 15th October 2018

Jericho Notices – October 2018 As Yuval Noah Harari argues in 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, fake news is much,...

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A New Age Of Accountability

on 12th October 2018

Accountants – and, more specifically, auditors – are in the eye of the most recent business storm. To some,...

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Fragility in professional services

on 10th October 2018

Fifty years ago society’s reverence for the professional classes was almost a given, but those days are gone. Restrictive...

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