Why Have I Joined Impact Investor?

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Originally published in Impact Investor


But a single word is probably not enough. So let me elaborate.

I want to have hope in the future. Hope for my children, and the children of others, that they will learn from past mistakes and not repeat them. In particular, I want to play a role in bringing about necessary change.

If that sounds sentimentally gooey, you’ve got me all wrong.

Years of producing financial journalism, followed by a decade servicing the needs of investment banks, and then a stint directing communications for clubs of large banks and asset managers, have created within me a vast hinterland of unsentimental scepticism. Maybe outright cynicism. Today, journalism justifiably has a rotten reputation; amoral indifference seems almost a pre-qualification for the job.

Yet many journalists – not just the younger ones – are idealistic, motivated people, who want to bring about beneficial social change. They want to do well, while also doing good.

Impact Investor, for me, is the logical next step in a career which has, from a ringside seat, seen the desire of conventional financial services to return to the status quo ante bellum. My cynicism is as nothing compared to that of a financial system that merely wants to return to business-as-usual.

There is, however, no reversing the zeitgeist. There is a nascent movement out there, full of people from all walks of life, who want to become more conscious about their investments, where their pensions are being put to use, where their ISAs are going. They want to take more control over this crucial aspect of their lives – and they want to make sure that their investments are doing good, be it for their environment, their health, or general human welfare.

Impact Investment exists to bring together companies doing the right thing, with investors who want to put their money to wider social benefit. Simple, really.

Over the coming months and years you can expect to see from myself and our team of writers informed, opinionated, and compelling journalism. We are growing, not just in scope but also in stature. We already are a significant player in the Impact Investing landscape. With your help and commitment we will join hands with all likeminded agencies to ensure this young movement gathers strength to become a major success. Watch this space.

This article originally appeared in Impact Investor.

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