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Deborah Doane

Deborah Doane

Civil society and social change agent

Talk to Deborah about: how everyone in every sector can be an activist for a better society

With a wealth of experience working with civil society in development and environment, she brings a deep understanding of corporate impacts and thinks companies need to improve their accountability to society. She won’t help companies greenwash their CSR programmes: instead, she’ll tell it like it is and help devise a strategy to share value right through a corporate supply

Deborah is currently director of Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society at Global Dialogue. Formerly she was a trustee of the UK’s Fairtrade Foundation, the Director of the World Development Movement, and has worked at WWF and the New Economics Foundation. She’s been a regular advisor to business, through the Amnesty Business Group, and the ICAEW’s corporate responsibility group, and regularly writes for the Guardian and the International Business Times on the subject of international development.. She recently returned to the UK after 2 years in India where she worked with farmer’s movements and social enterprise.

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