Who We Are

“Like working with a wonderful brother or sister”

Amanda Mackenzie, Chief Executive, Business in the Community

Jericho is an activist consultancy for troubled times. It was founded in the belief that traditional PR no longer works well and that old consultancy models are inflexible, expensive and increasingly ineffective.

We are a tight team, delivering client engagement and leadership programmes on public policy issues. We draw on specialist skills – from research and content to political context – as required. We don’t believe in asking clients to pay for unnecessary resources. Nor do we indulge in cross-selling. We are simply focused on tangible, better outcomes. Our business model reflects this.

Jericho’s Advisory Group includes some of the best brains in business today. We call for their help when appropriate.

Since 2013, we have carefully built and curated an influencer community of nearly 4,000, ranging from politicians and policy-makers at the highest level, to academics, authors and commentators; activists and campaigning NGOs, to those with “lived experience”. This allows us to sense-check any number of ideas and initiatives – understanding that effective change happens when top-down meets bottom-up. None of us has all the answers.

Our working principles are activism, participation, accountability and dissent.

Get in touch with Founder, Robert Phillips, or Programme Director, Becky Holloway, to find out more and/ or how to work with Jericho.

Team Jericho

We are a small but highly expert team. We do not employ cookie-cutter consultants. Each one of us has a deep specialism – from research and reputation, to media and communications; politics and economics, to regulatory frameworks. We are proud of our rigorous programme management. Our Advisory Group includes some of the best business brains around today.

Roxana Cebuc

Team Assistant and Office Manager

Andrew Gunn

Opinion Polling and Research

Matthew Gwyther

Broadcast and Editorial Content

Becky Holloway

Programme Director

Neal Lawson

Activism. Ideas. Transformative Change

Rebecca Perrin

Programme Executive and Content Manager

Robert Phillips

Communications. Reputation. Trust.

Diane Winship

Finance Manager

Jericho Advisory Group

Jericho draws upon an extended network of advisors and friends, adding depth and provocative content to its work. As with the core team, many are published authors and global leaders.

Catherine Fieschi

Political and Social Movements

Jan Gooding

Brand Reputation Specialist. Leadership Coach

Margaret Heffernan

Leadership, technology, enterprise.

Indy Johar

Strategic Designer. Systems change

Catherine Stewart


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