Team Jericho

Andrew Gunn

Opinion research specialist 

Talk to Andrew about: Public opinion, real-world answers, bullshit-busting

Matthew Gwyther

Award-winning journalist, business thinker, facilitator

Talk to Matthew about: Strategy, media, reputation, leadership, content, the state of the nation

Becky Holloway

Wise crowd builder and convener  

Talk to Becky about: Finding new influencers, dissenting voices, asking the right questions, creating buzzing movements

Neal Lawson

Partner in doing the right thing in the complexity of the 21st century

Talk to Neal about: Your role creating the common good and developing a theory of change for your organisation and society

Rebecca Perrin

Project Manager, Office Manager

Talk to Rebecca about: The smooth-running of projects, philosophy, WikiWorkLab, Gen Z

Robert Phillips

Author, speaker, visiting professor, CEO & trust obsessive

Talk to Robert about: Trust, leadership, communications and why PR is Dead

Diane Winship

Finance & Accounts Manager and Building Manager

Talk to Diane about: Accounts, business, and the Jericho Chambers building

Jericho Partners & Associates

Christine Armstrong

Author, speaker, facilitator

Talk to Christine about: Using insight to make good decisions, The Mother of All Jobs

Anne Bowers

Systems change, complexity, service reconfiguration expert

Talk to Anne about: Creating coalitions and managing complex relationships, service design, public sector reform

Sam Conniff Allende

Purpose-driven business strategist

Talk to Sam about: Diversity, business-purpose, engaging Millenials and Generation Z

Deborah Doane

Civil society and social change agent

Talk to Deborah about: how everyone in every sector can be an activist for a better society

Catherine Fieschi

Political and Social Mobilisation Thinker

Talk to Catherine about: Populism and how to beat it, how to build better coalitions, how to build good political relationships

Jan Gooding

Brand Marketer, Speaker, Social Changemaker

Talk to Jan about: brands, marketing strategy, inclusive leadership, societal and workplace culture change.

Roger Graef

Filmmaker, broadcaster writer and criminologist

Talk to Roger about: Communication, transparency, building trust, making a difference

Eve Harris

Researcher and editor

Talk to Eve about: Trends, ideas, punctuation

Margaret Heffernan

Leadership Thinker

Talk to Margaret about: Wilful blindness, Margaret Heffernan @ TED

Indy Johar

Architect & Strategic Designer

Talk to Indy about: Institution & Regulatory Design, Open Source Manufacturing, Inclusive Growth, Real Estate Futures… (its all connected!)

Roo Mackie

Brand & creative communications consultant 

Talk to Roo about: Creating value through brand.  Integrated communications strategies & the deconstructed agency.  Creative workshop facilitation

Filip Matous

Digital strategist who can improve your website & traffic performance

Talk to Filip about: Brand reinvention, marketing investment, predicting campaign results

Zoë Mezin


Talk to Zoë about: Creation, Engagement & Optimisation (Online & Offline)

Alaric Mostyn

Leadership, Organisation and Change Strategist

Talk to Alaric about: Effective leadership teams, culture, purpose – oh, and the design of comms and marketing functions

Toby Mundy

Branded content developer and literary agent 

Talk to Toby about: Writing, speaking, knowledge platforms, publishing, branded content, thought leadership

Jules Peck

Social Banker, system changer

Talk to Jules about: New economics, social change, future of business

Theresa Regli

Digital media and data strategist

Talk to Theresa about: Technology products, big & small data, artificial intelligence, media distribution

Catherine Stewart

EU and Public Affairs Veteran

Talk to Catherine about: Brexit, effective influence, the present (& future) of the EU

About the Jericho Model

Every partner at Jericho is committed to the common good and to making the world a better place. We work on projects that we believe contribute to the wider good of society in large or small ways. This is clearly subjective, so we work with people we trust and who share our values. While all have our own sense of what better looks like, we believe in openness and share a set of working principles; activism, co-production, dissent and accountability.

Jericho is a new model for new times. We build teams that are fluid and focused on better outcomes for our clients and society.

It is a hugely flexible working environment. We have no fixed hours and very few rules. Everyone has another life – whether it is writing, speaking, running a pressure group or pruning roses. This makes us better consultants.

Learn more about the Jericho story so far and how we work.

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