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Our clients come from a broad cross-section of business areas: some are CEOs or Chairs; others lead HR, Marketing, Strategy or Comms. They are united by a common belief that the status quo isn’t working and big things have to change.

Clients are drawn to Jericho by the work we do and by the specialist expertise of Jericho partners.

“Jericho helped us dramatically shift our narrative, the way we tell our story and the people we talk to. Theirs is a refreshing and radically different take on traditional approaches to corporate reputation, issues management, leadership and communications.”

David Brown, CEO, Go-Ahead Group plc

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These are some of the questions our clients have asked recently and are looking for our help to respond:

1. Trust. What should we do about the fact that our audiences don't seem to trust us?

2. Relevance. Our team is worried that we may be losing relevance — but we all have different ideas about what that means and what we should do about it. How can you help?

3. Disruption. How do we lead, rather than catch up with, changes in our sector?

4. Purpose. We talk about putting purpose at the centre of our business but, in reality, we don’t really do it. Does it matter?

5. Technology. How do we respond to technological changes without losing sight of our core business?

6. The Future. We see that traditional comms and PR methods aren’t working but we need to still engage with our stakeholders. Can you help?

To answer these questions, we Challenge, Convene and Collaborate.


“Challenging and Inspiring”

Jane McCormick, Global Head of Tax, KPMG International


The truth about trust

Robert Philips


Just do something

Margaret Hefferen


Imaginative Leaps

Jericho Partners

We challenge thinking that protects the status quo or produces only incremental change.

Challenges are delivered as keynote provocations, strategy papers, or through co-produced workshops and/ or Board Strategy Days. We lead with insights – often drawn from “wise crowds” – and focus on the world of tomorrow and the imaginative leaps we all need to make.

We review and audit existing plans and think beyond convention. The Jericho model is based on extensive research and published works and speaks to a world of activism & networks, dissent and accountability.

Our fundamental challenge is that all successful organisations must help address the needs of the common good and a better society.


“I describe Jericho as the antidote to McKinsey & WPP”

Darcy Wilson-Rymer, CEO, Costcutter Supermarkets Group

We convene new working groups, partnerships and coalitions – using Jericho’s networks and taking clients outside of their echo chambers (and sometimes their comfort zones).

At the heart of the Jericho way-of-working is a commitment to bringing together interesting and diverse groups, many of whom might fundamentally disagree. It is out of such diversity that new answers are found.

We do this via roundtables, workshops, group meetings and “big tents”, drawn from our own influencer community of 3,000+. We create safe, positive environments for better conversations to flourish and new learnings to emerge. We are good at helping all parties face-up to uncomfortable or inconvenient truths.

The age of telling stakeholders what they should believe has long-gone. Social media gives everyone a voice and platform. Greater trustworthiness can only be built through open, personal and reciprocal relationships.

The Jericho commitment to convening extends to facilitating/ leading conferences and major events and our larger, global coalitions on – for example – tax, work and the digital economy speak to this.


“Clever, thoughtful and inspiring. Like working with a wonderful brother or sister”

Amanda Mackenzie, CEO, Business in the Community


London Essays and Good Growth

Capital & Counties Properties PLC (in partnership with Centre for London)

We work collaboratively, as Jericho partners and with clients, on both specific and immediate projects and major, long-term global initiatives.

Jericho is a partnership but, in practice, we operate as a collaborative platform. We work from the challenge outwards, bringing together the best expertise suited to solving any given problem. Most of the time, this can be achieved with Jericho partners but, if not, chances are that we know “someone who can” and invite them in.

We do not work in isolation. A lot of nonsense is talked by consultancies claiming to work as an extension of the client team. At Jericho, we have baked co-production into our working principles and operating model.

 Our bigger, global programmes also have collaboration at their heart – bringing together leaders and thinkers from business, politics and civil society. We encourage people to be honest about their issues, as we believe vulnerability builds trust. More purposeful thinking and action then emerge.

We also encourage clients to work together, sometimes independently of Jericho. This is what our 2018 Renewal project is all about.

As one of our colleagues likes to say (and has written a book about), the bigger prize lies in collaboration, not competition.

In practice, this is what you can buy from Jericho

1. Stakeholder and communications strategy and programmes

You can work with one of more Jericho partners to answer a challenge or brief. Our specialist areas are listed on the Who We Are page.

We focus on:

– Corporate and brand communications (within a new principles framework)
– Thought leadership
– Radical approaches to stakeholder mapping and engagement
– Insights, leading to more robust purpose and vision
– Data and digital competence
– Corporate crisis and trauma recovery (internal and external comms)

Some clients opt to initiate and/ or seed-fund a wider national or global movement, working with multiple partners. This reflects the Jericho approach to Challenge | Convene | Collaborate and is usually focused on a big, societal issue where no one party has all the answers or the capacity to address them (tax, housing, the circular economy, social mobility are all good examples).

To work with us in an advisory capacity, or to start the process on building a new coalition, get in touch.

2. Challenging speakers & event facilitation

Many of our partners are published expert authors and accomplished speakers on global platforms, including TED and the World Economic Forum. We also are frequently asked to convene Board meetings, roundtables and conferences and host events.

To discuss a Jericho partner speaking at or facilitating an event, get in touch.

3. Transformation and leadership programmes

We have developed a structured programme that helps clients move from protecting their License to Operate to establishing a License to Lead. This usually spans two or three months and, starting with “truths” and insights from beyond the usual suspects, co-produces strategies, ideas and priorities in partnership with employees, customers and stakeholders. It takes clients to the start-point for new and more effective leadership, trust and communications programmes.

Jericho works extensively on challenges of leadership, organisational design and effectiveness. This is informed by many aspects of our wider work on technology, disruption, social innovation and the human future of work. We have developed a dedicated programme to support Less Obvious Leaders within client organisations.

To travel what we call the Jericho Road, or to discuss a tailored leadership effectiveness programme for your organisation, get in touch.

4. Content creation

Jericho is a publisher as well as a consultancy. In addition to our own Jericho Times – a quarterly collection of fresh thinking – we have extended the convening aspects of our work to develop and publish feature articles, podcasts and films. We marry this with the best of our digital and social expertise, ensuring targeted reach among an identified influencer community, tracked with clear metrics. 

Content is produced by expert and seasoned journalists, who are also Jericho partners. In November 2017, we published our first book(let) in collaboration with a client, under the Jericho imprint.

To discuss content development and digital distribution, get in touch.

5. Coming to terms with life in the social digital age

Digital skills are often under-developed or completely lacking at executive levels — and many within the upper echelons of companies and government are unwilling to admit they are challenged to understand the impact and potential of digital technologies. Reverse mentoring is an opportunity for executives to have a crash course in digital — both the edgy, innovative side and the potential practical applications — in a relaxed, conversational approach. We pair executives with a digital expert for an initial three-month period, with a mutually agreed-upon agenda.

We run similar Reverse Mentoring programmes around “youth” and Generation Z.

To find out more, get in touch.

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