What We Do

“Jericho helped us dramatically shift our narrative, the way we tell our story and the people we talk to. Theirs is a refreshing and radically different take on traditional approaches to corporate reputation, issues management, leadership and communications”

David Brown, CEO, Go-Ahead Group plc

Jericho advises clients on public engagement, communications and trust. We call this the holy trinity. We work with mid- to large-size organisations and with their leadership teams. We are at our best when dealing with complex issues, often in highly regulated sectors.Jericho delivers strategies, influencer communities, programmes and coalitions. We measure success through bespoke accountability frameworks.

We help organisations:


  • Create Safe Spaces – for constructive dialogue, outside-in thinking and engagement
  • Build Communities of Influence – introducing clients to new and relevant audiences
  • Deliver Bigger Ideas – inspiring; increasing range and learning

We have no time or patience for nonsense Vision/ Mission/ Values statements. “Purpose” is built authentically from within the organisation and then tested in the real world.Our Thought Leadership programmes are rich in honest (and sometimes vulnerable) original content; never shying from dissenting voices or the bigger issues at play.

We like to think that greater trustworthiness is the result of everything we do. That’s because we have always recognised “trust” as an outcome, not a message. It’s what you do, not what you say, that counts. We even have a formula to express this:

Since we launched in 2013, clients have come from a number of business areas: some are CEOs or Chairs; others lead HR, Marketing, Strategy or Comms. Check out our Case Studies and/ or Programme Updates. We are happy for you to talk to past and present clients about what we have achieved together.

If you would like to work with Jericho, please contact Founder, Robert Phillips, and/ or Programme Director, Becky Holloway.

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