What We Do

“Jericho helped us dramatically shift our narrative, the way we tell our story and the people we talk to. Theirs is a refreshing and radically different take on traditional approaches to corporate reputation, issues management, leadership and communications”

David Brown, CEO, Go-Ahead Group plc

We help our clients get to the heart of the big social, economic and environmental issues – when you ask a big question the wise crowd won’t just respond and help you find answers but will also make change happen.


  • For KPMG International it was how to build responsible tax on a global basis?
  • For Grant Thornton it was asking what is a caring society?
  • For Assura it was what does a re-imagined future look like for healthy spaces and communities that can take the pressure off services and improve the experience and health of patients, literally from cradle to grave?
  • For The Go-Ahead Group it was how do we move the city for good?
  • For The Building Research Establishment (BRE) it was what kind of Britain should we be building?


We give CEOs the chance to test and stretch their thinking and build their networks.

We help turn seemingly intractable problems into common good solutions and implacable opponents into partners and advocates.

We turn clients’ inward-looking problems into outward-looking solutions

We synthesis challenging and complex debates and conversations into challenging but accessible reports, podcasts or films.  These can trigger deeper conversations, be used to influence other decision-makers and opinion formers or be the basis to pilot new initiatives and projects in locations or sectors.

We can get you started by creatively provoking you, or help you through the whole journey.

The point of our work for all our clients isn’t just to interpret the world – but to change it.


WHAT YOU GET: Big Ideas and Brass Tacks


  • Exceptional thinking, planning and organisation from the Jericho team, to develop a tailored programme around your big question or issue. Of course, this depends on where you start and where you need to get to.
  • Events and activities that bring together disparate, expert and dissenting views to challenge current thinking, build new partnerships and develop new ideas
  • Multimedia outputs for wider dissemination and to build momentum
  • A sustainable, higher profile and recognised leadership position on the issues critical to your organisation
  • A community of influence who will work with you and who can help you make change happen
  • Data-led clarity on where your organisation is seen (both internally and externally) within the socio and economic bigger picture.  Understand where you have legitimacy to lead and where you are vulnerable.


HOW WE DO IT: For Jericho the means are everything. 

If there is any magic in what we do it’s the process – asking that big challenging question that motivates the best and the brightest to jump in and help out. We are highly experienced in asking the right questions as the springboard to better futures.

And then carefully creating a community with dissenting voices to really test and develop content that gives our clients a license to lead in their field.

We have a growing community of over 5000 deciders and doers and bring the right mix of public intellectuals, campaigners, journalists, faith leaders, politicians, regulators and experts to the table.

Our events and the safe but creative space they provide don’t just change the way people think – but the way they behave.







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