What People Say

“’If you could imagine combining the most clever, thoughtful inspiring brains with a working style akin to working with a wonderful brother or sister then Jericho Chambers cannot be beaten. The UK is in a better place since Jericho Chambers started as they prompt, provoke, challenge and create the best thinking for business to use to create good and powerful, lasting impact”

Amanda Mackenzie
Chief Executive, Business in the Community


“Working with Jericho is both challenging and inspiring. They have helped us to think very differently – and travel a journey of unknown destination with us.”

Jane McCormick
Global Head of Tax, KPMG International


“Working with Jericho is part relief, part challenge, part joy. Relief because they’re incredibly invested in what they do and aren’t afraid to do things differently. There are no bland, agnostic consultants. Challenge as they’re unashamedly expert and will bring all that to the table (even when you’d quite like some bland, agnostic consulting). And part joy because of the aforementioned and because they’re great people to work with”

Laura Harrison
Director of Strategy, CIPD


“Don’t go to Jericho to be told what you want to hear or for a safety-first option. Talk to them to be stimulated and challenged.”

Stefan Stern
The Financial Times


“Jericho represents the paradigm shift the consultancy sector urgently needs”

Harry McAdoo, Director of Brand and Corporate Reputation, ACCA


“Jericho is the much-needed antidote to the likes of McKinsey and WPP”

Darcy Willson-Rymer
CEO, Costcutter Supermarkets Group


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