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What is Good Work?

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As momentum builds towards the General Election, “good work” is very much in the news.

You may well have seen and heard the flurry of media activity surrounding Matthew Taylor’s RSA initiative #GoodWorkIs, which will inform the report currently being compiled for the next occupant of 10 Downing Street.

I have been privileged to be an active contributor to the #GoodWorkIs debate – and was on stage at the RSA on Tuesday night to share my thoughts and challenges.

You can read more from me here or watch the short film below.

Today, the CIPD launches its Manifesto for Work 2017 – an important and thought-provoking read. The Manifesto calls upon the next government to:

  • Overhaul the UK’s system of corporate governance
  • Help create a more accessible labour market and more inclusive workplaces
  • Support investment in skills, lifelong learning and improvements in employee well- being and engagement
  • Ensure the development of modern working practices doesn’t undermine individuals’ employment rights or security

Please take time to read this, if you can – and feedback thoughts to the community via the web platform and/ or share via social media. If you have the time, feel free to jump in with a short article or even a film. can help you.

The Manifesto for Work 2017 represents an important milestone for the Future of Work is Human community and reflects many of the fantastic ideas generated over the past fifteen months, including via the UnSeminar and Big Tent meet-ups. It reflects my and the CIPD commitment to championing better work and better working lives, which was of course the genesis for the Future of Work is Human community.

Lots more is happening to bring to life the ideas generated by the Future of Work is Human community. There is the manifesto itself; the first Social Action get-together took place in London ten days ago; in the next couple of weeks, the inaugural HR Directors’ Forum will meet to explore ways of putting thinking into practice in many of the UK’s leading organisations; we have an exciting event with the Financial Times planned for June, asking “what are humans good at?”; and plans are afoot for a series of Regional Big Tents in the autumn – meeting in Birmingham, Sheffield, Glasgow and elsewhere. More on all this and other community initiatives soon.

In the meantime, many thanks for your continued energy, enthusiasm, support and ideas. Please do stay involved. #GoodWorkIs #WorkisChanging.

Peter Cheese is Chief Executive of the CIPD                                     


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