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What do we really mean by ‘care’?

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The Adult Social Care sector is at a crossroads. Most of us are living longer, some not necessarily healthier and with multiple chronic health conditions, but many others with an intellectual and health capacity that is unprecedented. From the post-war settlement which saw ‘big government’ impose well-meaning paternalistic solutions on the public, to the free market of competition, consumerism, and commercialisation which has dominated the past forty years, we have yet to find a sustainable system of care that is truly fit for purpose and for people.

While the funding gap often takes centre stage in debates, in 2018, the conversation about social care must be more than just a question of money and who pays. This is why we partnered with Grant Thornton for our Caring Society programme to create a space to explore new ideas and shape a framework that helps enable a paradigm shift to transform adult social care. Directors of adult social care, influencers, academics, investors, private care providers, charities and social housing  providers have joined us to consider from first principles, how we can build a 21st-century social care system.

This article asking “What do we really mean by ‘care’?” comes from Alex Khaldi, Partner and Head of Social Care Insights at Grant Thornton. It captures the key themes of the second in a series of discussions as part of the Caring Society programme, to re-think and re-design adult social care for the 21st century.

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We will be hosting a series of further events and discussions into 2019. Please do get in touch with if you would like to be involved.

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