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The Caring Society: Using grassroots innovation

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This article, authored by Alex Khaldi, Partner and Head of Social Care Insights at Grant Thornton, captures the key themes of the third in a series of discussions as part of the Caring Society programme, to re-think and re-design adult social care for the 21st century.

The provision of social care presents a huge challenge for society. More and more people will need care in the future – but current approaches to commissioning and delivering are already creaking under the pressure.

Across the sector, there are pockets of innovation as local authorities and social and technology entrepreneurs try to find new ways to meet demand and improve the quality of care people receive. But moving beyond pilots can be hard going. Established systems, ingrained culture and hard-to-shift mindsets are just some of the barriers to the transformational change that’s needed.

In the third roundtable of our caring society programme, people from across the public and private sectors came together to try to understand what needs to change to enable innovation to flourish and create new models for how we care for each other as a society.

“Let’s rethink care models around relationships, not transactions”

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