Transformation Programme: Eyes Wide Open

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Jericho Chambers’ Transformation Programme for better decision making.

Our Eyes Wide Open Programme is a collaborative venture between Jericho Chambers and Noreena Hertz, best-selling author and academic, described by the Observer as ‘one of the world’s leading thinkers’.

Based on Noreena’s highly-acclaimed new book, and using a mixture of film, e-learning, live workshops and interactive sessions – Eyes Wide Open offers leaders and teams clear steps to becoming confident, independent and wise decision-makers and thus helping their companies gain competitive advantage.

The programme helps us to understand what influences our decisions as well as become aware of our own thinking foibiles. it encourages us to look beyond the traditional experts we seek counsel from, and shows us how to effectively mine the wisdom within our organisation and our network. Eyes Wide Open also challenges our numeracy and the ways we digest data: for example, exposing the potentially fatal flaws of powerpoint as a basis for decision-making. The programme also counsels the need for organisations to embrace dissent, as a tool for smarter decision making, and helps them identify how to manage such a process.

Eyes Wide Open ensures participants:

· Understand their own and their organisation’s decision-making strategies/patterns
· Are wise to their own and their organisation’s thinking traps and biases
· Understand the limitations of their own and their organisation’s current information gathering process
· Understand the value of “Gatekeepers”, “Challengers in Chief”, “Chief Intelligence Officers”, “Lay Experts” for their own and their organisation’s decision-making
· Come away with an actionable and practical decision-making tool kit that they can apply back at work – and in their personal lives too.

Eyes Wide Open is designed to work on multiple levels – from individual CEO coaching through to team workshops. It is curated by Jericho Chambers Founder Member, Christine Armstrong, in association with Professor Noreena Hertz.

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