To protect children today we must let some past cases go

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Originally published in The Sunday Times

THE policeman’s lot is not a happy one. Especially for officers assigned to cases of alleged historic paedophilia. Field Marshal Lord Bramall is merely the latest public figure to have endured a year of hell before officers decided not to proceed with their investigation.

But the police insist the £1.8m Operation Midland will continue to look into claims of horrible crimes — including the rape and murder of children — allegedly committed by Establishment figures such as the field marshal, 40 years ago, in Dolphin Square, a smart London housing complex.

The public exposure of these and other claims crossed a number of police lines. The respected broadcaster Paul Gambaccini is still waiting for an apology, while rebuilding his life and career. Bramall, aged 92, was subjected to a raid by 22 officers, who spent 12 hours searching his house. What could they expect to find after all these years?

Read the full article by Roger Graef  here, originally published in The Sunday Times.

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