The Trust Delusion – Episode One

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In the first of six Trust Delusion podcasts, hosted by Matthew Gwyther, listen to Ben Page, Prof. Bobby Duffy, Baroness Onora O’Neil and Sir Ian Cheshire agree that the so-called “crisis of trust” is mostly over-blown – often deliberately – and not supported by long-term data. Too often it is used, somewhat cynically, only to support marketing efforts. Trustworthiness is more important – with honesty, competence and reliability as benchmarks – as is serving the customer and employee first. Addressing the climate emergency and tech disruption takes precedence over abstract notions of “trust”. Business leaders need to be accountable and look long and hard at the culture of their organisations – a point reinforced by 22-year old Chantale Phinda… who totally trusts Greta Thunberg and her mission.

Listen here:

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