Jericho Notices – May 2017

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Strong & stable vs. volatile & precarious?

As the party election campaigns gather steam, we are hearing from clients that – whatever the party rhetoric (and regardless of whether you are personally pro- or anti-Brexit) –  the road ahead will be bumpy. In such unpredictable moments, many businesses are reviewing their strategies and reconsidering their roles as operators or leaders.

The Jericho Road (link in beta version) – a new initiative being developed by the Jericho team – helps organisations come to terms with the messy and fragile world of leadership, communications and trust. We have been thinking in terms of helping organisations shift from defending a License to Operate to establishing a License to Lead.

At the same time – reflecting the need for more diverse thinking – there has been a marked increase in commitment to diversity programmes, especially those that break through the “box” thinking that has previously prevailed. This is of course, not unrelated to concerns about turbulence as described above. Bringing a wider number of perspectives to the table leads to better discussions and better decisions. To help with this we’re working with a number of clients on Less Obvious Leaders: a programme to help less alpha personalities thrive at more senior levels. If you’d like to talk to us about it, get in touch.

In other news, Neal Lawson is fulfilling the Jericho commitment to Just ****ing Do Something with his pressure group Compass driving towards The Progressive Alliance. Robert Phillips explored the unintended consequences of the digital revolution – and what to do about them – at the opening of the BITC Responsible Business Week.

Christine Armstrong has accepted an offer from Bloomsbury to write Working Mums Unleashed (working title) on the realities of combining big jobs and small children. If you’d like to share your stories, she is all ears with 70,000 words due in September.

Meanwhile, interesting, even exciting, things are happening in Brussels, where Jericho colleagues are counselling clients and organising events with a very different perspective on living with Brexit. Catherine Stewart and Martin Porter provide a Brussels expert view, together with a distinctive interpretation of the atmosphere, priorities and perspectives of the 27 remaining countries, not seen through the UK “persecution” or “polemic” prisms. Responding to a real need, Catherine and Martin are developing thinking based on the realities – not the emotions – of procedure and process, timelines and negotiations. If you would like to find out more, drop Catherine a line.

10 things we have been up to in April & May

1. Explored the conflict between Compliance Culture and serving the Public Good – for RICS

2. Hosted a global roundtable on Responsible Tax and the Developing World – for KPMG

3. Made a passionate plea for the Fight for Truth – at Changeboard Future Talent 2017

4. Talked about why Trust is Not a Superpower at The Marketing Academy Inspire Live conference – and how vulnerability and dissent should be celebrated instead

5. Quizzed Kate Adie and Mary Portas on dropping pretence in professional life

6. Exposed Social Justice Warriors and challenged fake leadership

7. Called for human disruption to avert digital dystopia with Amanda Mackenzie, Frances O’Grady & Carolyn Fairbairn, among others

8. Worked with Centre for London and Capco on the Growing Well: London 2040 workshop series – and celebrated Volume 7 of London Essays, on Work

9. Began developing an alternative manifesto for a vibrant Digital Britain – with Nominet

10. Celebrated #goodworkis and #workischanging with the Future of Work is Human community and CIPD.


Eve Harris
Research Associate and Editor, Jericho Notices

14 May 2017

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