Sex and Power, Truth and Trust – #metoo

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Jericho’s Programme Director Becky Holloway, recently gave a presentation on “New models of communications, leadership and trust” at the 6th Annual Global Equality & Diversity Conference and awards.

The #MeToo movement has forced organisations to take a closer look at themselves, reviewing not only their policies but their actual practices and conduct. While not every organisation has problems of sexual harassment, it would be hard for any of us to find a colleague or friend who couldn’t tell you a story of a time they were made to feel vulnerable. For that reason, this topic needs to be openly addressed and scrutinised by all of us.

Making three key points
1) Sexual harassment is about power, not sex
2) Trust has been broken. That trust needs to be rebuilt. And truth is always the primary consideration in determining trust; and
3) Conversations on trust must translate into meaningful behaviour change
Becky’s talk looks to explore solutions and resolutions in the workplace beyond blame and knee-jerk reactions.

The GED conference mixes business experience with academic research to stimulate debate and understanding of the way in which individuals and organisations understand and experience diversity in the workplace.

See Becky’s full talk here:

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You can also catch Becky’s Q&A alongside James Mahoney, Head of Global Technology Diversity and Inclusion, J.P. Morgan discussing Resolution approaches to equality and diversity.

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