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Responsible Tax and the Digital Economy

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“The issue is less about a need to change the tax rules for ‘digitalised business’ and more about a systematic rethink of how we tax an increasingly global economy.”

More from the KPMG Global Responsible Tax Project – key findings and films from last month’s Roundtable on the impact of digital on tax, hosted at the OECD in Paris.

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Films and interviews:

If you would like to participate in the Responsible Tax debate, join us in Central London on September 19 2018 for our Responsible Tax Ideas Exchange.

As part of the Global Responsible Tax Project we are holding a special one-day working event to examine the issue of What to Tax? As part of the event, we will also share insights and learnings from the last three years on the Responsible Tax journey.

When we consider how different the world looks today, whether it be regulatory developments, technological innovation, globalization, new business or consumer demands, we need to ask whether the present tax systems are fit for today’s realities. If not, how do we reimagine tax for a modern, globally-connected and digitally-driven world?

This is an important question and we believe it requires a wide range of voices and perspectives to arrive at meaningful answers. At this one-day Festival of Tax, we will bring together approximately 100 voices on this topic—from tax leaders of multinational organizations to policy makers to academics to NGOs.

If you are interested in attending, please email:

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