The 21st Century Business

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The 21st Century Business is authored by Jules Peck, a leading expert on sustainable corporate change, and partner of Jericho Chambers, together with Andrew Curry of The Futures Company. This incisive report says businesses need to redesign themselves and adapt to shifts in resources, technology, and social values.

How to do this? The report identifies six significant shifts for successful 21st century companies:

  •  Shift from disconnected to networked: Successfully networked businesses bring disparate parts together into a single system.
  • Shift from closed to open: Open businesses let the outside world in to build all-round advantages.
  • Shirt from fixed to fluid: The 21st century business is fluid, using managements and budget processes that are responsive to external change.
  • Shift from volume to value: The 21st century businesses tailor products/ services to their users and warp them in tailored networks of services – doing more with less.
  • Shift from risk to opportunity: External forces – such as regulation – are now seen as boundaries that society places on markets: they will become a platform for innovation.
  • And finally – shift from consumers to citizens: The successful 21st business succeeds by delivering against needs that reflect their customers’ whole lives as citizens and consumers.

Organisational culture change is a critical factor for future business success. We have developed a 21st Century Business process, which takes companies through the issues raised. Without these fresh perspectives future success is problematic – maybe impossible. Contact us to find out more.  

Read the full “The 21st Century Business” publication here

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