PR *is* dead, confirms agency account executive

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We recently received the following email from a PR account executive, in response to the “PR is Dead” debate:

“Having visited the Jericho Chambers website, I have now spent the past hour reading the exchange of articles and tweets on Robert’s ‘PR is dead’ comment piece. Brilliant – a cat fight between those at the top of the industry. I have to say, I find it fairly refreshing. Although I am rather astonished that there are those who continue to believe that PR works. I sit at my desk 50 hours a week – and I can tell you that it is not strategic, it is not honest, and it is not effective. The hardest part of my job is convincing the client that ‘my job’ is worthwhile. Time to get out….”

*4th April Update*: The debate continues. Our agency account executive responds to the comments that followed the original email:

“Those in the ‘PR is alive and well’ camp seem fixated on how long I spend at my desk. I could just as easily have said 50hrs at work each week. Messing about with semantics is simply avoiding the issue. Not one of them has addressed my challenge head on. How long since any of these guys actually spoke to someone lower down the food chain? I see only fire-fighting and plate-spinning. Where is the rigour, strategy, quality and outcomes?”

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