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Podcast – Post-Covid what does the future of healthcare look like?

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Few require telling we are living in a strange and unsettling time. A time when health is at the forefront of all our minds. Covid has been the biggest challenge health systems have faced in generations. The rapid development of vaccines and the mobilisation of the forces of public health to administer them have often been highly impressive. The pandemic has been all-embracing. The longer-term effects of routine investigations not performed will take years to play out.   

Everyone wants a piece of the health action. Some subtle and clever rebranding of the UK NHS made it Our NHS and its status now rivals that of the church of England in time gone by as a unifying and cohesive force. Apple Chief Executive, Tim Cook, has said the company’s greatest contribution to mankind will be in health.

Looking forward, medical technology will have a major impact on how, where, by whom and how often care will be provided in the future. We hear a lot about “person-centred healthcare systems in a tech-enabled 21st century” but how will this work in an inner-city general practice in real life?  How do we ensure the nexus of technology, common sense and wellbeing to target today’s challenges of an ageing population, chronic illness, mental health, loneliness and isolation? How do we spend health money better and more intelligently? When it comes to increasingly complex diagnostics what’s the best way to the most positive outcomes? What about getting less ill in the first place? 

This podcast interviews five individuals. Interestingly, three of the five are qualified doctors all of whom chose to give up clinical practice 

The five are: Professor Karol Sikora, Chief Medical Officer at Rutherford Health (2.13) and formerly an NHS and consultant;  Dr Ceri Morgan, head of late stage portfolio at Oxford Science Enterprises (17.05); Dr Nicholas Moore, Managing Director for Biopharma at Stifel (25.39); Tom Hockaday, one of the country’s experts in university tech transfer (36.27) and Matthew Taylor, head of the NHS Confederation (44.07).  



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