Oxfam scandal must force aid sector to finally address its own power

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If Oxfam responds by listening to its critics it could restore faith in a sector that was damaged long before the latest allegations. 

Oh Oxfam. I love you. And I hate you. I love that you were a pioneer in international development, that you were an organisation built on solidarity, education, empowerment— convincing British people that they could genuinely help people in other parts of the world.

Image SourceI love your recent campaign on inequality, choosing to pay attention to one of the world’s most pressing and invasive issues. But sometimes, I hate what you’ve become— a big corporate brand, competing for funds, dominating civil society voices and dictating the terms of engagement to others. I remember ringing you a few years ago when I was director of a small organisation to share our research on an issue we planned to campaign on, suggesting we collaborate. Your response? “We’ll ring you if we need you.”


The above is an extract from an article published on The Guardian‘s Global Development pages. The full article is available to read here

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