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Our Heritage 2040: The Publication

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This is the current synopsis for Our Heritage 2040, scheduled for publication in September 2020.

  1. Together, We Can Build Back Better, by Andy Wood and Robert Phillips.
    A moment of reflection in 2020; pivot towards innovation and a Net Zero future
  2. The China Syndrome by Julia Pyke.
    Why nuclear is here to stay and shouldn’t lead to an emotional or atomic meltdown
  3. Energy Innovation by Jonathan Reynolds.
    What we can expect to have happened to power generation in UK by 2040. What it will take to accelerate towards a Net Zero Carbon future.
  4. Eden Project East? by James Alexander.
    The flora and fauna – and what we could achieve.
  5. Joe Chamberlain 6.0 by Derek Wyatt.
    What a 21st century, digital coastal Suffolk could learn from 19th century Birmingham.
  6. The future is slow, by Charlie Burgess.
    Slow food, tourism, agriculture, fishing. But maybe faster buses and the odd train. 
  7.  Bring me sunshine: Cobras in the Mist and the Battle for Orford Ness by Nick Gold. 
  8.  Economic imperatives: addressing Suffolk’s less talked about underbelly of social deprivation (TBC)
  9. Creative Vision 2040: a new Arts Hub for Britain, by Clare Parsons
  10. Our heritage/ your legacy – the importance of stewardship, localism and devolved authority, by Mark Goyder. 
  11.  Night trains, pylons, modernism and industrialisation. Britten and Spender. What would the former have made of all this? by Matthew Gwyther

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