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Our Heritage 2040: A New Energy for the Suffolk Coast

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Welcome to the latest publication from Jericho

Our Heritage 2040: A New Energy for the Suffolk Coast

This edition of Jericho Notices celebrates a new publication, focused on the tourism and energy sectors and Suffolk’s precious and outstanding Heritage Coast. Its ambition is to understand how best to reconcile global energy needs and local environmental responsibilities within a shared commitment to a Net Zero Carbon future. Its focus may be on England’s east coast, but the issues resonate for us all.

You can download a copy of Our Heritage 2040: A New Energy for the Suffolk Coast here.

 The project has been running since January. The initial aim was to establish meaningful dialogue across multiple stakeholders, including business leaders, politicians, major energy players and local residents and communities. All significant infrastructure projects, especially those involving “nuclear”, create inevitable tensions. What started off as an exercise in better engagement has since flourished into something more ambitious. Together, we continue to explore the juxtaposition between the innovation, investment and employment the energy sector can bring to the region and the all-important protection, enhancement and future opportunities that makes the Heritage Coast so special.

Our Heritage 2040 is rich in challenges and future vision. It addresses profound social, economic and investment needs as well as celebrating heritage and culture. It seeks to establish meaningful legacy and outlines tangible actions for regional and national policymakers. Most of the essayists are drawn from the Sizewell Community Working Group. Many hold distinctive – and often opposing – views but have come together in a spirit of genuine collaboration. We are extremely grateful for their contributions. Editor Matthew Gwyther describes this as “an open mic publication”.

The magazine has been supported by Sizewell C, while maintaining complete editorial independence (as a number of the essays will testify). A series of (virtual) roundtable conversations – bringing to life the essays and the issues – are planned for October: please get in touch if you would like to participate.

Expert provocateurs and contributors will discuss Energy and Heritage; the Environment and Climate; and the overall ambition for joined-up, strategic thinking that helps deliver a Net Zero Carbon future.

More soon on other Jericho programmes and initiatives, from Investing in Society and Responsible Tax to Tech; Youth to Cities and Health. Meanwhile, keep well; stay safe.

Robert Phillips
September 14th 2020

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