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Our Future Voice Now: The young and the emotion of money

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What do young people feel about money at the moment?

In this podcast produced by Jericho in association with Barclays LifeSkills, we interviewed three individuals from very different backgrounds. Ricardo Ennis who is 19 and a Lambeth Youth Councillor; Francesca Bilocca, a graduate from Durham University who is currently hunting for a job; and Iona Bain, one of the UK’s youngest experts on young people and finance. In the interviews, our guests speak about many topics: money and status, materialism, budgeting, the relationship between thrift and sustainability, Peak Stuff and student debt. 

We also discussed the ease with which the digital world makes doing things with money so simple. This has up and downsides. A frictionless existence can lead to costly mistakes if you’re not careful. These days with the omnipresence of social media the young are surrounded by a sometimes bewildering array of enticing schemes – building a following as an influencer and then monetising it or getting rich quick by planning cryptocurrency.


The Our Future Voice Now programme is curated by Jericho with generous support from Barclays LifeSkills.

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