Nusrat Ghani Joins Jericho Chambers

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It is with great pleasure that we welcome Nusrat Ghani to Jericho Chambers.

Nusrat is a multi-lingual expert in political communications and campaigns.

Her career has taken her from researching emerging markets for an investment bank to campaigning for two major UK charities (Age Concern and Breakthrough Breast Cancer) and as Director of Communications and Fundraising for the BBC World Service.

Working across 28 language services, she was based in many of the world’s conflict zones in Afghanistan, Asia and the Middle East where she worked with diverse stakeholders including local governments, warlords, multi-national corporations, local and global media as well as EU and US government agencies.

In helping to build political and social institutions in various countries and societies that are emerging from historic traumas and conflict, she has gained considerable practical experience of change programmes that deliver real societal transformation and enable the development of functioning democratic and market institutions.

Her unique experiences have given her insight into the ways that corporations, governments and NGOs must deliver their locally based programmes by securing legitimacy, creating transparency and gaining trust with their communities and customers.

Closer to home Nusrat is active in politics, having stood for Parliament once, and is a candidate at the next general election. In 2010 she cut her teeth on election campaigning as the MP candidate for Birmingham Ladywood, where “Benefits Street” was filmed. Here, she scored the highest Conservative vote for 20 years by running grass roots campaigns and securing support across all communities. In 2013 she was as selected as an MP candidate for Wealden, at one the largest open primaries with 400 members of the public attending and casting their vote.

Robert Phillips
Head of Chambers

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