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Originally published in Impact Investor

Before you put the kettle on next Sunday 22 March, just remember that the UN has designated that day ‘World Water Day’. It’s produced some lavishly cool blue graphics to promote the day via the Web, which does all the usual stuff, such as remind us how much water it takes to make a single car (about the same amount as is used to fill a swimming pool) or to produce a half-kilo steak (7,500 litres).

It also reiterates the depressing statistics about how we could be heading for a serious water shortage.

The headline figure – which will, I suspect, be repeated endlessly – is that by 2030 Earth could have 40% less water than is needed, due to rising demand for food and energy, according to the UN. I have no idea whether that is true. Nor do I know if it’s accurate to state that around 780 million people currently don’t have access to clean water, or that 2.5 billion lack access to basic water sanitation, according to a joint World Health Organization/UNICEF report.

One death is one too many

I doubt the figures have improved much since then. It used to be estimated that 5 million people (primarily children) annually died from preventable water-related diseases. Maybe it’s now 4 million, or 3 million…does it really matter? The point is – one is one too many.

As for the accuracy of the top-line numbers, neither I nor you can have a clue.


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