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Jericho has been curating programmes for Capital & Counties Properties PLC (Capco) and CEO Ian Hawksworth on the Future of London since early 2014. Many of these have been run in partnership with Centre for London, the capital’s dedicated Think Tank.

An initial report – The London Mix: Systems & Empathy – was followed by a series of ground-breaking publications – the celebrated London Essays and subsequent London Ideas. Both have helped shape future policy thinking for the city.

As the world emerges from the COVID pandemic, major cities are in the eye of the storm: confluence points for the shifting world of work; as economic powerhouses; as transport nodes; and as social, cultural and commercial hubs, by day and night. Many commentators have already written early obituaries – but these are somewhat premature.

The post-COVID recovery offers an opportunity/ moment for re-set; to re-think the eco-systems(s); and to address the many quality of life and major infrastructure issues that preceded the current crisis. Challenging markets and disruptive conditions can create new and inspiring opportunities. Despite the prevailing gloom – and, now, with a COVID vaccine on the horizon – a thriving, optimistic, healthy future is possible. This is what the next stage of Jericho’s work with Capco will consider.


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All Jericho projects include an integral content programme: opinions and summary reports captured by Editorial Director Matthew Gwyther, via articles, podcasts and/ or film. You can access all of our publications via our website – and/ or enjoy recent, relevant articles and podcasts from members of the Jericho community below.

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