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London Ideas – An Optimistic Future

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Jericho is proud to share the latest edition of London ideas – sharing fresh, original thinking with the potential to transform London for the better.

The COVID pandemic has had a profound impact on many aspects of our lives, reaching far beyond the immediate consequences for Public Health. The economic consequences are yet to be fully understood, in the UK and elsewhere, still less the shape and costs of recovery. New thinking is required, starting with the question: what kind of city – and city centre – do we want? This re-set is a moment of opportunity and ambition, not just one of challenge and concern. What does it take to thrive? This question lies at the heart of our new programme – supported by Capco – with Centre for London.

In this issue, we’re looking at the ingredients that are needed to ensure London’s people and places flourish over the next decade.

Big new ideas for the future of London

As we emerge from the worst of the pandemic there are reasons to be hopeful. Now is the time to decide who we are, and who we want to be, as well as to share our ideas and our values with the world, and to learn from other people and places.

In this piece, Claire Harding, Centre for London’s Research Director reflects on London’s “big moment” and reasons to be optimistic about the capital’s future. Read more…

How will London sustain its role as a global, cultural capital?

Coronavirus has decimated London’s cultural scene. Emergency funding has made a difference, argues Lord Vaizey, but many in the arts world, and theatres in particular, feel they have been left behind. Has the pandemic left behind permanent changes to London culture? What lessons have we learnt to ensure our cultural infrastructure is robust in the future? Read More…

The relationship engine: Why central London should recover

London’s prosperity and growth are driven by two essential factors: protecting its citizens and fostering high-quality relationships. Together, these drive business success and public sector innovation, strengthen communities, and foster individual happiness. Rob Whitehead, Centre for London’s Director of Strategic Projects argues that stronger relationships are essential to London’s future resilience and survival. Read more…

Beyond the neighbourhood: London’s complex geography 

Neighbourhoods are long cherished by families, understood by those with a secure foothold in an area and appreciated by those moving through temporarily. But by concentrating our energy on making neighbourhoods better, asks Darryl Chen, Partner at HawkinsBrown, are we leaving behind our metropolitan ambitions? Read More…


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