Business Life After the Virus: Who Pays & How?

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A Global Responsible Tax Response

The third conversation in the series Business Life After the Virus: Who Pays & How?  is happening on Friday 24 April 12:30pm – 1:45pm (London).

We would be delighted if you could join us – to do so, click on the link below.

Pascal Saint Amans, Director, Centre for Tax Policy & Administration, OECD, will kick-off the conversation. Our expert panel includes: Femke Groothuis, Founder & President, The Ex’Tax Project; Chris Morgan, Global Head of Global Tax Policy, KPMG International; and Robert Palmer, Executive Director, Tax Justice UK.

Tax lies at the heart of the social contract. Without tax, there can be no hospitals, no schools, no roads, no health & social services. It is the entry fee we pay for a civilized society.

As the world emerges from the Coronavirus crisis, what changes will be required to global fiscal frameworks, as governments think about how to fund the extraordinary measures they have taken? What does this mean for those committed to a Responsible Tax future? For global harmonization? For Universal Basic Income, health and social care? For the enduring challenges of the Climate Emergency?

In partnership with KPMG International and the global Responsible Tax Project. 

For those who missed the inaugural Jericho Conversation on Pandemics and an Uncharted Future with Margaret Heffernan, Andrew Hill, Eithne O’Leary and Suzanne Moore, there is a summary here. It is also available to download.


Jericho Conversations is our way of bringing us all together, albeit virtually, and offering some intellectual nourishment during this difficult time.

Stay safe and take care.

Robert Phillips
Founder, Jericho Chambers
April 17 2020

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