Business Life After The Virus: Good Work, Mental Health & Workplace Wellbeing

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We are looking forward to hosting the fourth in the series of Jericho Conversations: Good Work, Mental Health & Workplace Wellbeing. It’s happening on Friday 1 May 12:30pm – 1:45pm (London).

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Professor Lynda Gratton, London Business School; author; CEO, Hot Spots Movement, will lead the discussion. The expert panel includes Bruce Daisley, author of The Joy of Work and East Sleep Work Repeat and former VP, EMEA, Twitter; Geoff McDonald, Mental Health campaigner and Former Global Vice President, HR, Unilever; and Stefan Stern, Author & Commentator.

How will employers and employees come to terms with the inevitable employment re-set? How will business respond? And are we seeing the end of 20th century, office-based ways of working, that many have long predicted?

Context and poignancy is provided by a world still in the grips of Coronavirus, with now-compulsory home and remote working and a greater reliance on technology for meeting and convening. Meanwhile, “wellbeing” remains front-of-mind for many of those thinking through the future world of work, aligned to growing mental health concerns in both the workplace and beyond. What is to be done, longer-term, to make working lives happier, less stressful and more fulfilling for all?

 Part of the Jericho 2020/21 Good Work programme.


If you have time… please take this survey ahead of the conversation, looking at employees’ wellbeing and productivity, hopes and fears.

We wish to understand – and subsequently share with you – how employees are feeling and reacting as working lives become more entwined with home and personal life, and how they are feeling about their working future as they look beyond this period of lockdown.

In case you missed earlier Conversations, you can catch-up with Pandemics and an Uncharted Future and Shareholder vs. Stakeholder Capitalism. The third in the series, Responsible Tax: Who Pays & How? is happening on Friday 24 April.

Jericho Conversations is our way of bringing us all together, albeit virtually, and offering some intellectual nourishment during this difficult time.

Stay safe and take care.

Robert Phillips
Founder, Jericho Chambers
April 21 2020

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