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Join us for the launch of the interim report from our Business and Democracy Commission

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Like it or not – democracy, politics and business are now seriously linked. The issue is not whether there is a relationship but what type… good or bad. And what does good or bad even look like?

The Nat West Farage Affair is not the first or the last test case. This terrain is seriously tough to navigate – with pressure to act or not coming from different stakeholders. Every business is going to be forced to navigate this tricky terrain – is it done creatively and positively or are you continually on the back foot – unable to please anyone?

The Business and Democracy Commission will release its interim report this September with a webinar and panel discussion led by the Commission’s Chair, Sir Ian Cheshire. The report, supported by Jericho, Ipsos, and CIPR, explores the key challenges in the evolving relationship between business and democracy.

It outlines why business and democracy rely on each other, identifies how we got into the confused state we seem to be in and sets out some of the key challenges and opportunities for business along with the potential risks of doing nothing.

If you want to better understand the relationship between business, democracy and politics, join us on Tuesday 12th September, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm (UK time) via Zoom to hear more.

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