Jericho Songbird Special

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Can’t Hear It
Something Soothing for the Weekend

It is our absolute pleasure to bring you an altogether different update from Jericho.

Welcome to the latest single from Lyys – also known as our very own Programme Director, Becky Holloway. The track was released today. We are huge fans – and hope that soon you will be, too.

Those who know about Becky’s “other” career will recognise the dreamy pop soundtrack. Some of us old enough to remember will hear shades of The Cocteau Twins, Camera Obscura and perhaps Altered Images. Others will sense a connection to Metronomy and Robyn. These may be homages. Lyys’ voice is mesmerising; her sound unique.

Can’t Hear It also offers a subtle message for our times. The gentle, soothing melodies contrast with poignant lyrics. As Becky’s (Lyys’) explains, the song “explores the feeling of not wanting to engage with the real world and face uncomfortable conversations… causing things to get swept under the carpet, papering over cracks, until everything escalates and becomes a total mess”.

But sometimes, we simply cannot hide.

Maybe the lockdown will encourage a number of us to realise longstanding dreams and explore parallel career paths.

In the meantime, have a safe weekend. Take care and, hopefully, keep well.

Team Jericho
April 3 2020

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