Working Principles

Jericho works to build a better world by aligning the interests of business, politics, citizens and society.

We collaborate with organisations large and small on projects lasting from a few weeks to a few years. The theme that unites us is the realisation that the old ways of working are not working, and a desire to do things better.

Often the person who calls us is an agent of change: someone who knows the organisation will have to adapt to thrive – and wants our help on that journey.


Strategies co-created with employees, customers and stakeholders deliver more successful outcomes, build resilience and reduce risk. The days of the Eighties alpha adman presenting the “big reveal” to answer problems are long gone.

At Jericho, we work with you to find the answers and help you implement them in a way that fits with the style, culture and realities of your organisation.

Which means working with the team you have to build your internal capacity. Not creating dependency on external advisors.


If recent political and corporate history have taught us anything, it is not to listen only to the people who tell us we are right.

Adaptive organisations have to engage with dissenting voices. Vulnerability to dissent builds greater trustworthiness.

None of us can learn if we do not listen and if we can’t learn, we cannot successfully adapt to the changing world around us.


In a complex world, in which technology gives everyone a voice, it is understandable to retreat from the “noise”.

But rather than hiding, organisations can take an activist, leadership role that serves the common good. Actions – deeds not words – based on honesty and transparency.

As one client shared: “they (the activists) have all the power”. But when they spoke to the activists, they discovered that they, too, felt powerless. We can all be activists together, to effect change for good.


The twentieth-century obsession with measurement has damaged thinking around values and leadership.

We have ended up measuring everything, except that which matters or makes life worthwhile.

Rather than focus on measurement, we focus on accountability. To the many, not the few.

At core we believe that human value is more important than shareholder value. Because no business can succeed if society fails.

If you would like to work with us, please get in touch.

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