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Dear Friends & Colleagues,

April was another glorious month at Jericho Chambers: the blossom trees were in full bloom in Charterhouse Square and we opened our doors for our first cocktail party, in partnership with the brilliant Zetter Townhouse. Here is what else we’ve been up to:

Nusrat Ghani

Earlier this month, we were delighted to announce Nusrat Ghani as the ninth member of Jericho Chambers. Nusrat’s expert area is International Political Communications and Campaigning and her career has taken her from researching emerging markets for an investment bank, to campaigning for two major UK charities, and as Director of Communications and Fundraising for the BBC World Service.

A multilinguist, Nusrat has worked with local governments, warlords, multi-national corporations, local and global media as well as EU and US government agencies in many of the world’s conflict zones.

Closer to home, Nusrat is active in politics, having stood for Parliament, and she is a Conservative MP candidate for Wealden.

We look forward to announcing members ten and eleven during May.

PR is Dead – still.

While causing quite a stir on both sides of the pond, the crowd-funding for Robert’s second book, Trust Me, PR is Dead, reached the 50% mark over the Easter weekend, prompting him to retreat for a week to finish writing it. Undeterred by the person on Twitter who called him a douche, Robert made good progress and the book is on course for publication later this year. You can keep track of its progress and access exclusive previews on the Unbound site.

As the “Is PR dead?” debate raged on earlier this month, we received an intriguing email from a PR agency account executive who brought another perspective to the discussion. You can read her email – and the responses it received – here. Let us know what you think.

There Has to Be a Better Way

In a shock move that saw us talking about something other than the demise of PR, we published a series of essays entitled “There Has to Be a Better Way”, in which members challenged the orthodoxies in their particular expert areas.

In last month’s Notices, Roxanne introduced you to the first essays, from Martin and Christine. This month, we published Neal Lawson’s ominous They Will Get You (which was followed by an interesting response from Christine); We Need Youth at The Top by Catherine; Allan’s view on when a company can truly call itself global; and Jules’ call for a better way to run business and economics.

Together they make for powerful reading and encapsulate the Jericho shared belief. If you haven’t already, do browse through them and let us know your thoughts.

Not forgetting our Partner Network, we also published Martin Vogel’s Different Kinds of Truth in Healthcare – an interesting commentary on the University Hospital of Wales’ response to the death of Ann Clwyd MP’s husband in their care.


Following the Sessions that we recently hosted in London, Amsterdam and Saudi Arabia, we are curating several Sessions for clients during May and June: on branding, on purpose, and on ethics & morality in business.

For further information, email

And finally…

Making several members of Jericho Chambers wonder if they’re doing it right, Management Today published Christine’s article entitled “Mum Drinks, Swears and Has Sex”, in which she calls for marketers to stop defining mothers as “just a mum” and lumping them all into the same category. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to grab my pink Ajax and scrub the table in Christine’s office.

With best wishes,

Kellan Palmer

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