Jericho Notices – September 2018

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The Mother of All Jobs

This special edition of Jericho Notices is dedicated to congratulating Christine on the launch today of her book ‘The Mother of All Jobs’ – published by Bloomsbury. It is a phenomenal achievement and we at Jericho are all hugely proud. For those of us who have had the privilege to read an early copy, the book is compelling, punchy, witty, insightful and, most of all, a really important contribution to the Future of Work and Flexible Working debates.

‘A guided missile of a book, unflinching, practical and very funny. If you’re a mother with a career (or ever want to be) and are beginning to get the feeling you’ve been conned, welcome to your manifesto.’

– Justine Roberts, Founder and CEO of Mumsnet

If you are interested in snapping up a copy, they are available to purchase here.

Oh, and in case you missed it you can also catch Christine in The Sunday Times, Grazia, The AustralianThe Telegraph and on Radio 4 Womens Hour.

– Christine and her daughters, Lucy, 4, Vivienne, 6, and Celia, 8 in The Sunday Times.

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