Jericho Notices: Spring Review

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Roxanne here – Jericho Chambers’ first communications Pupil.

Kellan has left you all in my capable hands (let’s hope) for the latest Jericho Notices. I’ve been brazenly boosted up the writing ranks to give you the round-up on what’s been happening throughout March at Jericho Chambers – and let me tell you, what a month it was!

Is PR dead?


March had its fair share of ruffled feathers – yes, Robert is causing trouble again! Find out exactly how in his latest posts for PR Week and the PRCA, where he sets the record straight regarding the intentions behind his crowdfunded book, Trust Me, PR is Dead – and its title.

A response from Mike Love, UK Chairman of Burson Marsteller, prompted our own Chairman, George Pitcher to add to the debate, in “I Love Mike Love Dearly, but He’s Got it Wrong”. The debate is still raging on Twitter.

The chain reaction didn’t stop there. ‘Struck’ by Robert’s PR Week article, Tom Fletcher, British Ambassador to Lebanon, wrote – ‘A post not called: Is Diplomacy Dead Too?

Labour’s Manifesto


Neal has been making front page news this month, in his other life as Chair of Think Tank Compass. A letter printed in The Guardian, entitled “Labour must adopt new principles“, calls for the Labour Party to adopt a bold approach to its 2015 Election Manifesto, in order to meet the challenges that face our society.

On that note, we were pleased to host an intimate breakfast meeting with Jon Cruddas MP, who is working with Ed Miliband to coordinate the next Labour Election Manifesto. Jon shared the Labour Party’s policy intentions with, and received feedback from, invited members of the business community.

There Has to Be a Better Way


In other news, an article by Martin Vogel from our network partner Vogel Wakefield – ‘The Co-op Revolution and Public Leadership‘, addresses the Co-op’s recent difficulties and calls for new leadership models that can ‘resuscitate dysfunctional corporations of all forms’ – ‘Public Leadership’ advocated by Jericho Chambers, is one of those models.

And if that isn’t enough reading for you, Jericho Chambers will be releasing a series of articles: “There Has to be a Better Way”, inspired by our common belief that the current model is broken and that we should be brave enough to challenge prevailing orthodoxy. Be sure to read ‘Why Small is Intensely Powerful’ by Martin Lambie-Nairn. He takes us back to the beginning of his (highly successful) company – proving that bigger is not always better.

Author of the second addition to the series is Christine Armstrong. Her article ‘Talking about listening: there has to be a better way’ is a witty guide to getting the most of your external agencies. Stay tuned for more articles in the next few weeks…

And finally…


March welcomed two exciting new partners to our network: Sister Pseudo, as Global Cultural Insight partner, and The Zetter Townhouse, who will henceforth be in charge of providing us with cocktails.

So until next time, I will leave you with enough content to last you through the month of April (see Reading List in the left hand column).

With best wishes,

Roxanne Wilson

Jericho Chambers

PS: Just as we begin to settle in, we are central to a 660 year-old mystery as archaelogists discover a mass grave of plague victims underneath Charterhouse Square. We can assure you that there were none found hiding in our closet here at 12a and we look forward to watching the story unfold.

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