Jericho Notices: January

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Great news – you won’t have to read Robert’s ramblings anymore as I’ve taken over the editorship of Jericho Notices. I’m Kellan, Jericho Chambers’ new network curator and I’ll be editing the monthly update from now on. As well as keeping you posted on everything we’ve been up to, I’ll be organising the various events we have in the pipeline – from Last Thursdays to Book Clubs, breakfast gatherings and pop up workshops – we have so many exciting plans for this year that we can’t wait to share with you. We very much want all members of the network to be part of our extended family.

But first: an update on the busy first few weeks of this year. We’ve been focused on some challenging topics, including the working parent dilemma, sustainability, and, our old favourite, the need for companies to change their behaviours before their communications.

Last Thursday

Starting with the working parent dilemma, Christine hosted our latest Last Thursday event, Cosmopolitan Lied, in the stylish surroundings of women’s networking club, Grace Belgravia. Bringing her Power Mums column to life, Christine invited Management Today editor Matthew Gwyther, Costcutter CEO Darcy Wilson-Rymer, British Gas Commercial Director Nina Bhatia, and Mumsnet Head of Communications Katie O’Donovan to discuss the difficulties of balancing business needs with family life. The Guardian’s Zoe Williams brilliantly chaired the lively debate, which followed on from a short clip in which psychologist Oliver James called for a “national nanny network”. Our Partner Research consultancy Populus also presented the results of a survey on the issue, which you can read here.

As the event closely coincided with Nigel Farage’s choice comments on the value of City women who are also raising families, Christine has written a guest blog for Mumsnet, in which she calls for society to become less judgemental of the women who choose to make sacrifices in order to break through the glass ceiling. The blog is due to go live in the next few days and we will, of course, share it on our website and on Twitter.


On top of that, we’ve added some thought-provoking new articles to our website this month, including a guest polemic by Deborah Doane, former director of the World Development Movement. In The Comparative Advantage of Cooperation Deborah argues for “cooperativeness” rather than “competitiveness” between companies, in the interest of sustainability. Meanwhile, Jules was featured on the Greenhouse PR blog, as a “Greenhouse Pioneer”.

We’ve had some great contributions by guest bloggers over the last few months and we love featuring them on our website. If you have written any blogs or features that you would like to share, please feel free to send them our way.

Robert’s Keynote

While you’re on our website, make sure you don’t miss the transcript from Robert’s keynote at the OECD in Paris on 17th January. In the speech, entitled Trust, The Fall of Public Relations and The Rise of Public Leadership, Robert argues that it is no longer enough to shift from Public Relations to Public Engagement and that a new framework of Public Leadership is needed instead: activist, co-produced, citizen-centric and society-first. He also says that, when it comes to Trust, “PR has been part of the problem and is certainly not part of the solution”

Progressive Network

We are also delighted to welcome Stonecourt Consulting to our Progressive Communication Network as Organisation Design Partner, as we maintain that today’s communication problems are often better solved by those working outside of traditional communications disciplines.

As our partner network grows, so does our new family. This month, we welcomed our first pupil, Roxanne Wilson, to Jericho Chambers. As part our pupillage scheme, Roxanne is undertaking research – and already doing a splendid job – on a couple of projects on subjects as diverse as energy efficiency in the Middle East and trust in UK Financial Services. Roxanne came to us via the Taylor Bennett Foundation, with whom we are currently working to finalise the accreditation that graduate pupils of Jericho Chambers will achieve, to support their future career prospects. More on this soon.

…and finally

We are very excited about moving into our new office – a late eighteenth-century townhouse in Charterhouse Square – in mid-February. We’ll be hosting many events there once we’ve moved in, but in the meantime we hope to see many of you making use of our Club Room, Library and Screening Room as we’ve designed them as social spaces to be enjoyed by all.

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