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The latest Trick or Treat from Jericho Chambers

Hello and welcome to the Halloween edition of Jericho Notices.  This month we have witnessed a stream of demons, ghosts and ghouls wreak havoc on the stability of the often fragile world around us.  We’ve watched Volkswagen’s corporate skeletons become a real-life case of Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray. We’ve seen the on-going Corbyn saga unfold with sitcom-like drama. All the while the future of Britain’s place in Europe is casting a ghostly shadow across many conversations – the future is full of trepidation, as well as negotiation.  At Jericho we continue our search for a newer, more progressive spirit of business – illustrated by Jules Peck’s qualification as the first UK assessor for organisational ‘Common Good’ – part of a wider Economy for the Common Good initiative.  Our newest partners Margaret Heffernan, Toby Mundy and Roger Graef are set to support us in helping more organisations explore, examine and expunge their own corporate ghouls in the coming months too.

Busting the ghost of spin

From London to Leeds (via Swansea), Robert has been busy repenting his former sins.  The focus on truth and the subject of trustworthiness are the driving forces behind his talks, and behind a Management Today profile published late last month:  Confessions of a repentant spinner.

Also, have a listen to the interview Robert gave Media Masters, to hear his view on how networks and ‘radical transparency’ have well and truly exorcised the ghost of PR.

Demons that come home to roost

The VW scandal maybe added impetus to the death knell for those businesses concentrated on profit maximisation at the expense of good purpose or common cause.  Jules spent two days at Bristol’s New Economy Summit exploring the eruption of economy experiments that are springing up around the world in response to the changes and challenges of our times.  Read his account of the event here.

Closets full of skeletons

You could perhaps mistake some of the blood-curdling screams coming from many at Westminster for its annual Halloween party – this year it’s more likely to be as a result of the chaos that Jeremy Corbyn has apparently unleashed.  It remains to be seen whether he is – as Charles Leadbeater wrote in last month’s ‘Jeremy Special’ edition of Jericho Notices – a radical innovator, or just another failed experiment for The Labour Party.  Either way, right now the Conservatives must feel like they got the treat, rather than the trick, despite the Lords’  springing a special Halloween surprise.

Corbyn has been widely talked about at Jericho too. Writing for the International Business Times, Christine likens Jeremy to her aunt taking on rottweilers and winning . Meanwhile in this article for New Statesman, Neal compares today’s politics to the Ice Bucket Challenge. He suggests that Labour is currently a ‘Kodak party in an Instagram world’; Jeremy Corbyn is perhaps the only way to break the spell that has been suffocating Labour for a number of years.

The Corbyn ‘subject’ became the theme of a lively dinner attended by members and friends of Jericho earlier this month.  Igniting the discussion was the challenge ‘if Corbyn is the answer, what was the question?’ We are not sure we actually figured it out, although the wine helped.

Ghostbusters & Proton Packs

Christine spent an enlightened evening as guest-speaker at a Women in Business dinner hosted by KPMG’s Inspiring Women Network.  She bust some myths about (the paranormal world of) Big Data and shed light on what really provides insight.  Her approach continues to slices through noise, jingles and judgement and takes people back to basics and into the real world.

In her article for The Guardian, Deborah blasts the act of protest that fights the same old battles that drive the same old results.  She advocates collaboration, not campaigning – embracing change (and including the dissenters) to co-create new beginnings.

More Ghostbusters

Jericho welcomes three new partners – Scarlett O’Hara, James Stewart & BT Barnum – otherwise known as Margaret Heffernan, Roger Graef and Toby Mundy. We look forward to you meeting them in person at our ever lively Jericho ‘séances’ coming up over the next few months. Do stay in touch.

We wish you a very Happy Halloween. Remember,  as the legendary philosopher Egon Spengler said in one of the most powerful insights ever: “Don’t cross the streams”!  No-one wants to confront Mr Stay Puft, do they? Even on Halloween. Not even Neal.

Roo Mackie and Eve Harris
October 30 2015

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