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As I write this month’s Notices, Roxanne and I are sitting in a slightly dusty, freshly painted room in our new office in Charterhouse Square. We’ve moved in at last, and we can’t wait for you to join us for the polemics, briefings, book clubs and film evenings that we plan to run across the year.

Trust Me: PR is Dead


The crowd-funding page for Robert’s second book, Trust Me, PR is Dead, has now launched on Unbound. In Trust Me: PR is Dead, Robert shares the personal story of his decision to leave Edelman, his thoughts on the demise of the public relations industry, his argument for the rise of Public Leadership as an alternative model for communications, and navigation tools and advice on how to co-produce trusted leadership and how to communicate effectively in today’s world.

From those of us who have had a sneak preview (i.e me), it makes fascinating reading – and will possibly ruffle a few feathers among the great and the good of the communications industry. Click here to watch Robert describe the book in his own words and to find out how you can help fund it and bring it to life.

Robert covered some of the themes of the book in his talk in Paris last month (Trust and the Fall of Public Relations), but if you can’t be bothered to read that, or the book, here is a one-minute video that summarises the key themes. “PR is Dead” was filmed in the ornate surroundings of the Theatre des Varietes and perfectly encapsulates his thinking.



In other news, Allan has struck a rich vein of inspiration (finally!) and written a couple of polemics. He shares his thoughts on the blame game played by politicians and the media during the recent winter storms, and on Channel 4’s Benefits Street. He assures us there’s plenty more where that came from.

Elsewhere, we’ve shared our current reading list, written about the ongoing question of how to increase the number of women on boards – Catherine joined the conversation in The Valentine Dilemma for women and boards – and the need for companies to adopt a more progressive approach to marketing to men, in the aptly-titled Men, from our network partner, Good Business.

Speaking of network partners, Hot Spots Movement have launched Collaboration Week, a programme of collaboration-themed content and events taking place between 14th and 17th April 2014. Find out more here.

Doing the Right Thing?


Trust and ethics continue to be top of mind, however, as Robert took part in a debate sponsored by PwC and The Institute of Ideas, entitled “Doing the Right Thing?”. The question was whether an over-eagerness to do the right thing was actually contributing to growing mis-trust in businesses’ true motives. You can read Robert’s summarising points here.

As trust and reputation are a company’s most valuable assets, we are delighted to welcome Corporate Reputation Consulting to the Progressive Communication Network as Public Affairs and Corporate Communications Partner.

… and finally

And so we leave you for another month (or maybe a bit longer) whilst we organise our office and work out how to turn the heating on. In the meantime, I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Roxanne, who will guest edit next month’s Notices.

With best wishes,

Kellan Palmer
Jericho Chambers

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