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Jericho Notices – December 2020: A Return to Health

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It seems appropriate to end a tumultuous, uncomfortable year with two essays on health. Our wellbeing, economy and public services have taken a battering in the past twelve months, but we are optimistic that we can truly build back better as we emerge, vaccinated, from the pandemic.

The first article captures the initial thinking and recommendations of the expert community convened to discuss Public Health: In the Right Place? Huge thanks to Assura PLC and CEO Jonathan Murphy for supporting this programme. As one contributor notes: “Mental Health and Wellbeing is a foundational challenge of 21st-century economy and society, as Public Health was to the industrial revolutions”.

The second article previews the Healthy Work Project, scheduled to launch in early 2021. It has been co-authored by Jericho Founder, Robert Phillips; award-winning author and CEO, Margaret Heffernan; and Veronica Hope Hailey, Professor Emeritus of Management Studies, University of Bath. Determined to avoid a bleak future, it focuses on regenerative leadership and includes an invitation to business leaders and organisations to join an open and collaborative initiative that places healthy work front-and-centre of a good work and better future. We hope you can join us.

Jericho thrives because of the vibrant communities that help inform and develop thinking on big societal issues and public policy challenges. Put simply, we couldn’t do it without you – we’re hugely appreciative of your time, support and encouragement for helping co-design and drive the change we all want to see.

The year ahead offers renewal as well as hope. Our pledge is to continue to ask bigger, better questions of and on behalf of us all; not to shy from the complex or the uncomfortable; to be ready and willing to defy incrementalism and embrace uncertainty with imagination. Please join us on the next steps of the journey.

Keep well. Stay safe. Happy Holidays.

Robert Phillips & Team Jericho
December 2020


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