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Originally published in Jericho Chambers

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

This month we’ve been torching bullies and beepers, smoking out sexism, and generally putting the entire system on the pyre. Indeed, on Bonfire Night (a fitting date for a revolution) we published the first edition of Revolutionary Times (download it here) – an occasional publication described by some as an antidote to the McKinsey Quarterly.

Revolutionary Times was an inferno for the infirm, but we have also been celebrating the new. In fact, Christine Armstrong has been interviewing game changers in business in a new column for International Business Times.

As our Chairman George Pitcher wrote in RT: “we’re holed up at Jericho Chambers, a collection of bright people who know there’s an alternative, a better way to do business, changing the way the world works”.

21st Century Business 


Nowhere was this more apparent than with the release of The 21st Century Business – a joint report from Jules Peck and Andrew Curry of The Futures Company. Organisational culture change is a critical factor for future business success. This incisive report says that businesses need to redesign themselves and adapt to shifts in resources, technology, and social values.

Jules has developed a 21st Century Business process, which takes companies through the issues raised. Without these fresh perspectives, future success is problematic – maybe impossible. You can read the six significant shifts required for successful 21st century companies, and download the full report here

New Times 

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Similarly, Jericho partner Neal Lawson, who also chairs the think tank Compass, recently co-wrote “New Times: how a politics of networks and relationship can deliver a good society” with Indra Adnan. Published on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, ‘New Times’, is an account brimming with hope.

In “A new world from the bricks of old walls”, Neal and Indra write: “As we pass the 25th anniversary of the falling of the Berlin Wall, new walls between people are being torn down. More than ever, governments must build platforms to empower citizens.” It’s a compelling publication about how we can move towards a Good Society.

Roger Graef

Book Club

Hot on the heels of our Margaret Heffernan Book Club in September, we hosted award-winning documentary filmmaker, criminologist and writer Roger Graef for an intimate Book Club at Jericho Chambers earlier this month.

As the pioneer of the fly-on-the-wall documentary style, Roger has been responsible for more than 120 documentaries on current affairs, the arts and criminal justice, including Police, which changed the way in which the UK police handled rape cases. He mesmerised the audience with insights and stories gained during his unprecedented access to boardrooms, ministries and institutions

And finally, 

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Join us at Cass Business School on the evening of 27th November for “If Everything is Dead, What Comes Next?

We’ll be examining the death of old business models, the age of constant disruption, and the much-vaunted paradigm shift from the traditional to the creative economy. We will pose the question: if the old models are dead or dying, what comes next?

Professor Cliff Oswick (Professor in Organisation Theory at Cass Business School) will introduce the event, with provocations from Robert Phillips and a panel discussion chaired by Dr Heather McGregor (entrepreneur, columnist and television presenter, also known as the Financial Times’ Mrs Moneypenny).

On the panel will be Lucy Adams (former BBC HR Director, now Director at Disruptive HR); David Lammy MP (London Mayoral Candidate – discussing new political models); and Patrick Lewis (Director of Partnership Services, John Lewis – considering the future of business beyond the shareholder models). UK Ambassor to Lebanon Tom Fletcher is no longer able to join us due to commitments in Beirut, but you can read his Death of Diplomacy blog here.

If you haven’t already done so, please email to register. We look forward to seeing you there.

With best wishes,

Kellan Palmer

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