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Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Happy Birthday Jericho!

Jericho Chambers is a year old and for a toddler it’s already doing its fair share of walking and talking. This time last year Robert Phillips, George Pitcher, Christine Armstrong and Jules Peck launched Jericho, determined to find a better way for themselves and for clients.

In the past year Jericho has grown to eleven partners. The time has gone very fast, not least because we have been extremely busy, asking and answering big questions for a range of FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies. In The Road to Jericho: Atonement One Year On, Robert tells the story of how Jericho Chambers came to be – it owes much to deep conversations, a determination to do away with bureaucracy… and a few glasses of Burgundy. The year ahead will see the infant prodigy mature; which won’t mean it calms down…

A Better Way

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What unites Jericho’s partners? It’s a desire to find a better way in politics, economics, and the way that businesses operate and the way that they deal with the world..

The past month has seen Jules Peck spend a week in Leipzig at the Fourth International Degrowth Conference, where he met like-minded people with “a desire to create a new world order, a new way of creating, connecting and being, which is beyond the market, beyond ownership, growth and capitalism”. He summarises his findings in The Fabulous Future of p2p Economics, Commerce and Democracy.

Neal Lawson, fresh from the Labour Party Conference, shared his thoughts on how Ed Miliband could kick-start the struggling party. Writing for The Guardian, Neal argued that Labour currently “see politics as top-down command and control; Labour doing good things for people, who express their gratitude through the ballot box”. For Neal, this is no longer enough and the party must “reinvent itself or die”. An incorrigible optimist, Neal hopes that “big change is possible” if Labour “learns to provide the kind of leadership that enables collective action”.

Making a difference to lives…


Speaking of control freaks (her words, not ours), Halebury’s Janvi Patel gave Christine Armstrong an insight into juggling the very different demands of three children, an international commute and a new business for Christine’s Power Mums column in Management Today. The key to her success, it turns out, involves laminated spreadsheets, a lot of 4am starts, and “a desire to change the industry and make a real difference to lives” – which could almost be Jericho’s mission statement – not that we believe in such things.

Making a difference to lives explains our decision to share this inspiring video from Sanofi Pasteur’s Celine Schillinger earlier this month. In her TEDx Talk Celine shared the story of how social networks were used as a tool for real social impact in the fight against Dengue in Asia and Latin America. Celine demonstrates how adopting a new model of communication – one that uses conversation and participation rather than “pushing a message” – led to a positive transformation, and a real change in legacy for the affected communities.

And finally…

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You are invited to join us at our event at Cass Business School on 27th November: “If Everything is Dead, What Comes Next?

We’ll be examining the death of old business models, the age of constant disruption, and the much-vaunted (if somewhat clichéd) paradigm shift from the traditional to the creative economy. We will be posing the question: if the old models are dead or dying, what comes next?

Professor Cliff Oswick (Professor in Organisation Theory) will introduce the event, with provocations from Robert Phillips and a panel discussion chaired by Dr Heather McGregor (entrepreneur, columnist and television presenter, also known as the Financial Times’ Mrs Moneypenny).

On the panel will be Lucy Adams (former BBC HR Director, now Director at Disruptive HR); HMA Tom Fletcher (UK Ambassador to Lebanon – speaking on “is diplomacy dead too?”); David Lammy MP (London Mayoral Candidate – discussing new political models) and Patrick Lewis (Director of Partnership Services at John Lewis – considering the future of business beyond the shareholder models).

Please email if you’d like to join us. We look forward to seeing you there.

With best wishes,

Kellan Palmer

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