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Dear Friends & Colleagues,

June has been another lively month– as well as the arrival of a film crew that briefly transformed the Charterhouse into a 16th Century film set, Chambers has played host to a number of steering meetings and interesting discussions. The recurring theme? That we are most certainly living in revolutionary times…

Progressive Communication Network


This month we welcomed Common Vision, or CoVi, to the Progressive Communication Networkas Visual Think Tank Partner.

CoVi uses creative and interactive media to produce innovative, shareable ideas about politics, economics and society. It is committed to exploring ideas for the common good, which transcend conventional ‘left wing’ and ‘right wing’ partisan debate. It does this by bringing together various contributors to civil society including businesses, academia, voluntary organisations, social enterprise, faith organisations and charitable foundations – and convening discussion and research around common purpose and shared values.

Hay Hill Partners’ Dr Jane Stephens recently wrote “Women in business —highlights from coaching” – a short piece outlining the patterns that Hay Hill Partners have identified in the issues that executive women raise when it comes to reaching the top echelons of organisations.

Additionally, we’ve been pleased to feature some guest articles again this month: Deborah Doane’s “Can you regulate CSR?” and Chris Rumfitt’s “Analysis of the Queen’s Speech 2014”.



Robert’s most recent articles, “Big Bang Theories and the Kabbalah of PR” and “Kindred Spirits and the Harbingers of Death“, mark the completion of the final chapters of Trust Me, PR is Dead and the end of a 15-month writing period. The latter article offers a preview from some of the ten contributors to the Afterwords.

Jules Peck has contributed a couple of articles to the Compass blog: “New People’s Party Challenges UKIP” argues that a new “People’s Party” might be necessary – a party “that would stand for the 99%, for truly inclusive economics and real democracy.” “The Emergent New Economy”, meanwhile, explores the sudden flurry of new efforts to reframe, recreate or reform capitalism.

George’s series for Impact Investor continues with “Beware accountants bearing morals – it may be ‘nicewash’”, “G8 Taskforce makes social impact on London Stock Exchange” and “Two Cities: The Pope’s holy alliance

Last, but certainly not least, was Communication Pupil Roxanne Wilson’s contribution to our website: “A Conversation with HMRC” followed Robert’s invitation to speak at their Senior Leaders’ Breakfast earlier this month.

And finally…


Congratulations to Founding Member Christine Armstrong, who has been made a Contributing Editor of Management Today. Christinerecently interviewed Emma Bridgewater on combining running a business with raising a family, for her Power Mums series in the magazine. Keep an eye out for her review of “Executive Presence: The Missing Link Between Merit and Success”, by Sylvia Ann Hewlett, which should also appear online soon.

With best wishes,

Kellan Palmer

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