Putin: What is to be done now?

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We are looking forward to reigniting the Jericho Conversation series this April 21st (5-6pm UK) as we discuss Putin: What is to be done now?

Putin: What is to be done now?Putin: What is to be done now?

We will be joined by Bill Browder, New York Times Bestseller and the founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, which was the investment adviser to the largest foreign investment fund in Russia until 2005 when Bill was denied entry to the country and declared a “threat to national security” as a result of his battle against corporate corruption.

In 2018 we were joined by Bill for an evening of conversation asking how scared should we be of Putin? The answer, now very apparent, is extremely! You can listen to that podcast here.

Bill’s latest book ‘Freezing Order’ is a gripping thriller chronicling how he became Vladimir Putin’s number one enemy. We look forward to hearing his latest thoughts on the current situation in Ukraine, and how this might play out socially, politically and economically.

If you have not yet registered to join, you can do so now:

Putin: What is to be done now?

We hope to see you there!

Team Jericho


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