It’s Up to Us – For All of Us

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It really is up to us. Jericho partner and Chair of good society pressure group, Compass, Neal Lawson, is convening a Citizens’ Assembly to help repair and restore the fractured state of democracy in Britain today. Renewal is more important now than ever; partnership and participation more urgent that parties and polarisation. All of us need a properly functioning, truly representative democracy – without which citizens, families, businesses cannot thrive or prosper. The current system is broken beyond repair; the early, tired arguments of the General Election are unlikely to fix it. We cannot take a 20th century approach to address 21st century problems. It will take all of us, working together, to find a better way.

Jericho’s operating principles – activism, participation, accountability and dissent – are embedded in the Citizens Assembly model. Real voice, meaning and humanity are key – in business as in politics. I am a Founding signatory to the letter. I hope you can sign, too – it is up to us, for all of us.

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