Is now the time for Business to reconsider its relationship with Democracy?

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An Interview with Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson

We are looking forward to the next event in the Jericho Conversation series this winter as we interview Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson about Business’ unique relationship to Democracy.

In its widest sense, the business community can no longer avoid engaging with the thorny issue of democracy, both in terms of whether democracy functions in ways helpful to social and environmental developments and how businesses themselves should behave as democratic actors. The two are clearly linked.

From the rise of populism and broader dissatisfaction with politics, to the energy and wider cost of living crisis; the war in Ukraine to cultural and identity issues; from the climate crisis to the demand from citizens and employees for greater voice and autonomy – the complex relationship between business and democracy is only going to deepen.

Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson is the US Business Editor at the Financial Times leading its coverage of corporate America in an age of populism, policy upheavals and shifting expectations. Until 2018, Andrew was US news editor, directing all US coverage and helping steer the FT’s strategic evolution to a digital-first newsroom. In his reporting and commentary, Andrew has charted the emergence of a new corporate consensus around the role purpose-driven businesses should play in society, and the pushback from sceptics worried about corporate overreach, greenwashing and “woke capitalism”. His past roles over 24 years with the FT in New York and London include global media editor, deputy news editor and editor of its management features section.

Matthew Gwyther, Partner at Jericho and former Editor of Management Today, will be asking, what role should business have in upholding liberal democracy in the West where it appears to be in peril? What is it that the ‘S’ in ESG is supposed to stand for? Is it Society, Social or even Stakeholderism? Or something as expansive as ‘Social Values’? Quite the onerous tally for any CEO and board.

If you haven’t already, click the link below to join us for this exciting conversation.

This latest conversation is part of Jericho’s work to launch a new Business and Democracy Commission in the New Year. We will ask difficult questions, break new ground, explore whether there is a new consensus and set out practical steps for a more effective corporate and business role in this fast-changing democratic and political context. Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more.

We hope to see you there!

Team Jericho

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