Investing in Society

Established on behalf of Federated Hermes

About the Project


Federated Hermes has, over a number of years, undertaken considerable work to better articulate the “why” of investment and developed a vision for the future of stewardship in the investment industry.  Building on this, the ambition is to articulate and initiate a purposeful debate with other industry participants on what the next steps for the industry need to be, including a roadmap for getting there. This is what the Investing in Society programme, established by Jericho Chambers on behalf of Federated Hermes, is all about.

The aim is to gain a wider range of views from a range of market participants, based on the principles of activism, participation, accountability and dissent (i.e. more than just an echo chamber of usual voices) from which we hope to establish a clear call to action and an actionable plan.


For Further Information, please contact:

Robert Phillips, Founder, Jericho Chambers
Becky Holloway, Programme Director
Rebecca Perrin, Content Manager


All Jericho projects include an integral content programme: opinions and summary reports captured by Editorial Director Matthew Gwyther, via articles, podcasts and/ or film. You can access all of our publications via our website – and/ or enjoy recent, relevant articles and podcasts from members of the Jericho community below.

Investing in Society: Getting radical with practical solutions for change

on 29th September 2020

The latest Jericho roundtable discussion on behalf of Federated Hermes looks at reforms that might be necessary to our...

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Investing in Society – Towards Meaningful Change: Why? How? Who? When?

on 10th September 2020

The Investing in Society programme, curated by Jericho on behalf of Federated Hermes, resumes in September. Find out more about the...

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The role of the investment community in driving good work

on 5th September 2019

How do we assess the value of a company? It’s a question that’s getting increasingly more complex, thanks in...

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