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Interview with Madison Kominski – The Double-Wicked Challenge: COVID and Brexit

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As a nation, the Brits have been through quite a bit over the last year. A sort of late midlife health and emotional crisis. The twin demons of pandemic and Brexit have scarred and divided us. But what is the collective mindset that led to the Brexit vote? And how have our values determined how we have coped with the pandemic: the wishes and needs of the individual do not always coincide with those of the group, our nation. Face masks don’t just protect us they are intended to safeguard others. How has pandemic changed our values and priorities – both on a personal and public level? Or will it be back to business as usual once we are all vaccinated?

In the latest in its series of podcasts supported by the investment bank Stifel and its European President Eithne O’Leary, Jericho Chambers Partner, Matthew Gwyther speaks to Eithne plus three book authors to hear their feelings about the last year and what now lies ahead for Britain as it faces an uncertain future. Mindful that the young sometimes lack a voice – and have the potential to be the big victims of the pandemic, Brexit and climate change – he also spoke to Madison Kominski a young, American colleague of Eithne’s who has only recently joined the bank after completing a Masters at LSE in London.

“When you see something like a pandemic unfold, it illuminates the idea of collective action” 

Madison Kominski is in her mid-20s and only joined Stifel last September. This means she’s in the unusual position of many graduate trainees currently and never met many of her work colleagues face-to-face. She is a graduate of Georgetown University and the London School of Economics and has a particular interest in sustainable finance and impact investing. She knows her generation has much to do as it approaches the time when it takes the reins of power.

This podcast is part of The Double-Wicked Challenge; COVID and Brexit conversation series, curated by Jericho on behalf of Stifel Europe.

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