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Interview with Lama Daher – The Double-Wicked Challenge: COVID and Brexit

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Brexit may be of great import to us but maybe not such hot news for the rest of the world. COVID is a much more immediate, pressing issue across the globe than the UK’s new adventure. So what is The View From Abroad as far as how the UK has dealt with the twin demons of Brexit and COVID are concerned?

In the latest in its series of podcasts supported by the investment bank Stifel and its European President Eithne O’Leary, Jericho Chambers Partner, Matthew Gwyther speaks to Eithne plus four observers of the UK scene to hear their feelings about the last year and what now lies ahead for Britain as it faces an uncertain future.

“The UK has to put alot of effort to preserve it’s
reputation as a key actor”

Lama Daher is a Lebanese tech entrepreneur. She worked indirectly for the British government when she was a co-founder of the UK/Lebanon Tech Hub in Beirut, a good example of our soft power being properly exercised abroad. Life has been tough in Lebanon over the last year – the huge and destructive explosion in the Beirut docks in August, the country is nearly bankrupt and COVID is raging. And we think we have problems in Blighty.

This podcast is part of The Double-Wicked Challenge; COVID and Brexit conversation series, curated by Jericho on behalf of Stifel Europe.

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