If Labour fight the SNP too hard, they risk harming themselves

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Originally published in Newstatesman

Through an election campaign you either build a cage for your victory or a springboard. Given its strengthening lead in the polls, what is Labour building in terms of its relationships with the SNP in particular?

Lets take as axiomatic that Labour can’t govern for five years as a minority government. Rumours abound that Labour is toying with a wild game of brinkmanship whereby they present their budget to the House and dare the SNP to vote it down and be seen to let the Tories in. Such a move would be so transparently Machiavellian and contribute so needlessly to political turmoil that’s it’s a non-starter.

Labour has already ruled out a coalition with the SNP, which was never politically feasible nor desirable. So that leaves some kind of looser arrangement, like confidence and supply, which Labour sensibly hasn’t ruled out. But while some kind of deal looks inevitable, Labour’s approach is muddled. Are they building a cage or a springboard?

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