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Honest Conversations in the Workplace

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An honest conversation about honest conversation’s in the workplace. CIPD Head of Research Ed Houghton captures insights & reflections from a July Roundtable.

How can organisations improve their corporate governance behaviour and tackle the key issues of culture, risk and diversity and inclusion? This was the topic of a lively discussion at a recent CIPD CEO Advisory Dinner hosted by Peter Cheese, in which the CIPD convened key partners and leading thinkers to explore important emerging debates which challenge current thinking and demand new approaches and lines of enquiry. It chimed with recent reports from CIPD on both ‘good work’ and trends in data.

To begin, the topic of ‘shareholder spring’ was put on the table, following a provocation from Peter Cheese. AGMs in 2018 saw a notable increase in (institutional) shareholder activism – L&G, among others, taking the lead in voting against the re-appointment of Boards with a poor track-record in gender diversity. In the wake of startling evidence on the gender pay gap, the #MeToo movement, and with BAME pay-gap reporting also on the horizon, business, he argued, should now expect increased levels of activism and possible legislation, too…

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